Six Ways to Prevent Impotence and Keep Your Erection Strong

The truth is that impotence – a condition defined as long-term erectile problems – is not completely preventable. This is because erectile dysfunction can result from a wide range of possible causes, ranging from addiction to internet pornography to side effect from diseases, nicotine or other substances.

In addition, advancing in age increases the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction, as a number of scientific studies show. However, the risk of impotence can be reduced through a series of measures and wise lifestyle choices. Below are 6 ways to prevent impotence.


Six ways to reduce the risk of impotence
  • minimal internet pornography
  • regular medical appointments
  • no smoking
  • little alcohol
  • regular exercise
  • a clean diet

1. Consume Internet Pornography in Moderation

Research has now shown that internet pornography is highly addictive and causes arousal addiction. Excessive masturbation to internet porn is been shown to physically rewire the brain and desensitise it due to frequent exposure to large levels of dopamine.

This causes a dopamine addiction, or binging mechanism to kick in, which was once an evolutionary advantage – when food or sexual partners were rare.

If you struggle with your erection and regularly consume internet pornography I strongly advise you to reduce your frequency to no more than once per day – ideally less! Also try to abstain before you are likely to have sex. This will very likely increase your motivation and therefore strength of your erection.

2. Regular Check-Ups and Medical Appointments

As mentioned above, a number of diseases (and medications) can lead to erectile dysfunction. Among these, the most predominant are diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension.

Therefore, it is advisable to consider certain risk factors such as blood pressure, but also the lipid and sugar levels in the blood to have tests that measure these levels and to have regular medical check-ups. Prevention is key here as always, but regular check ups will at least enable early diagnosis and improve the chance of successful treatment.

3. Stop Smoking to Prevent Impotence

Another way to prevent impotence is to stop smoking! It is a well known fact that cigarette smoking has a very large number of adverse health effects, including an increased risk of impotence. The toxins contained in the smoke ensure that blood vessels calcify faster and become increasingly narrower.

In addition, smoking can cause an increase in blood pressure. This represents a further risk, since high blood pressure also increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Appropriate warnings (“Smoking may reduce blood flow and cause impotence” ) have been placed on cigarette packs for years.

4. Enjoy Alcohol in Moderation

The relationship between alcohol and impotence, however, is not quite so clear. Simply drinking alcoholic beverages in small quantities- a glass of wine is often cited as an example- can actually initiate vasodilatation, which increases the likelihood of an erection.

The frequent consumption of larger quantities of alcohol, however – mainly because of its inhibiting effect on the nervous system – has exactly the opposite outcome.

Therefore, it is advisable to enjoy alcohol not in large quantities, but in moderation.

5. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will achieve two things: better cardiovascular fitness and if possible higher levels of testosterone. Depending on age you can walk (aim for a minimum of 1h / day – this will also keep osteoarthritis at bay), swim (best for joints) or run at least three times per week.

If possible you lift weights (consider the stronglifts 5×5 programme) or practise HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for higher testosterone (“T”) levels. Higher T levels has numerous significant health benefits including a healthy cardiovascular system.

6. The Right Diet

Since being overweight is a further serious risk factor for impotence, having a balanced diet and avoiding the excessive consumption of trans fats, sugars and salts of many processed foods reduces the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction and can help prevent impotence.

Simply put, having a healthy and balanced diet can massively improve your overall circulation – including where and when it counts, reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction and even reverse impotence.

This applies especially to absorbing proper nutrients. Particularly important in the context of improving circulation are the amino acids Arginine (related amino acids such as Citrulline and Ornithine), Pine Bark Extract and B vitamins (including B9 aka folic acid) in combination with Betaine, which reduces excessive damaging Homocysteine in the body. Homocysteine – like Cholesterin – damages our blood vessels in the long run and increases the risk cardiovascular disease.

Arginine functions as a precursor for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter nitric oxide (NO), which dilates the blood vessels and vastly benefits overall health. The scientists Robert Francis Furchgott, Ferid Murad and Louis Ignarro José demonstrated this and consequently were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. This results in an improvement of potency. Significant levels of the amino acid are contained in pine and pumpkin seeds, as well as in peanuts.

Like most of us, we simply do not absorb these nutrients in sufficient amounts through our diet. This is why taking appropriate dietary supplements with Arginine makes sense. Getting an optimal amount of Arginine would mean we would have to eat a 1kg steak – every day!

It is exactly this combination of Arginine and Pine Bark Extract, which fixed my erection.


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