Help Male Potency: Why Seek a Doctor?

Why Seek a Doctor to Help Male Potency?

Who can help with erectile dysfunction? There are several medical reasons why finding treatment to help male potency is very important.

Many men persistently suffer from erectile dysfunction out of shame; they are hesitant to seek medical advice in regards to this condition. However, there are several underlying causes that may hint at a more serious issue. For example, erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of high blood pressure or diabetes that has yet to be addressed. There are also studies that have found that sufferers from erectile dysfunction (ED) are at a higher risk for a stroke or heart attack. So, it is important to consult a specialist to determine the best course of treatment. While urologists and andrologists are commonly used, even a sex therapist may be helpful.


As the name hints, a urologist treats diseases and disorders of the male urinary tract. Reproductive organs also fall under this specialty, as does erectile dysfunction. Generally, a medical interview will first take place to establish any ED history. This will help to determine the correct course of action. There are several diagnostic tests performed including penile sympathetic skin response and nocturnal rigidity. These factors may (or may not) lead to further insight in regards to the cause of the dysfunction. In many cases, it is likely that there was not any evidence of a prior illness or condition. Therefore, a urologist will prescribe chemical treatments. Unfortunately, natural and alternative treatment options are rarely presented. So, a responsible doctor will need to inform the patient of any dangers and side effects that may be associated with the medication. This is important, for mismanagement can have serious consequences. Death has even occurred in extreme cases.


Although urologists are generally very well known to the general public, most may be unaware of an andrologist. In fact, an andrologist is the male equivalent of a gynecologist. As with his female counterpart, an andrologist specialises in all diseases and illnesses related to the make genitalia. Obviously, erectile dysfunction will fall into this category. However (and in contrast to a urologist), andrology is a more interdisciplinary field. So, other areas of expertise such as dermatology and microbiology may also be considered to be of value.

The path of diagnosis that an andrologist will undertake is similar to that of the urologist. However, treatment options tend to vary between the two. In fact, the amino acid arginine is seen as playing a potentially important role in lessening the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This is indeed a practical alternative, for there a fewer side effects with natural treatment options.

Sex Therapist

It should be noted that consulting with a sexual therapist does not replace the expertise of a urologist or andrologist and the effectiveness of their treatments. A therapist should rather be seen as an addition to either of the two. This is due to the fact that there may be underlying psychological causes alongside physical ones. An example of this could be a man who experiences normal erections in the morning or the evening and yet cannot achieve one during sexual arousal.

This is one of the times when a sexual therapist should be consulted. Additionally, many patients that are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction will feel one-sided in terms of their isolation and suffering. On the contrary, such a condition can affect the happiness of both parties involved. This is one of the main reasons as to why couples therapy can also be employed in many cases.


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