Permanent Treatment of ED with Arginine and Pycnogenol

Doctor note substances used to treat ED Erectile Dysfunction are known for their effectiveness, but they also have strong side effects that have even led to death. Of course the pharmas won’t want you to know this. If you’re not afraid of the risk and you are not affected by the side effects, you are well advised to use doctor note medication. Nowadays however, there are also very effective alternatives which have no negative side effects. A widely used and proven method is the supplementation of the amino acid Arginine together with pine bark extract.

Essentially, Arginine and pine bark extract increase your body’s natural ability to flood blood into your penis by increasing Nitric Oxide (NO) levels. The 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to the team, which discovered this mechanism.

On the other hand, Arginine works slower and softer. Because it is a food supplement, the improvement in the overall circulation and thus erection usually takes several weeks to take effect and then it is permanent. Arginine is especially effective when compared with pine bark extract, which was impressively demonstrated in a 2003 scientific research study and convinced me to try it.

Several of these doctor note free natural food supplements are available, but only few have the effective dose of 3,000mg per day in combination with pine bark extract. A longtime winner and well known supplement is undoubtedly amitamin m forte, which also includes zinc and vitamin B to naturally enhance the cardiovascular enhancing effect further. IMHO, aminoexpert VIGARIN is also a good option. Best compare them yourself and make up your own mind.


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