Nutrients and Impotence

Nutrients: An Underrated Means to Increase Potency

The fight against erectile dysfunction is largely left to pharmacological agents and doctor’s note medications. Although these are generally quite effective and provide positive results in the short-term, users are often exposed to partially harmful side effects and even more worrying interactions with other medicines.

A less risky option for more long-term improvement of potency is provided by different natural alternatives available through nutrient supplements. Nutrients play an important role in improving sexual performance, particularly amino acids such as arginine and ornithine. These nutrients are found naturally in various foods. However, insufficient amounts are ingested by most people in order to make a significant difference. Food allergies or intolerances, as well as unbalanced diets, are also preventing people from ingesting sufficient amounts of these beneficial nutrients. Using appropriate dietary supplements can help ensure sufferers of erectile dysfunction can improve their impotency using a natural route.


The Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three researchers involved in a 1998 study on the effects of arginine on male potency. Robert Francis Furchgott, Louis Ignarro and Ferid Murad José showed that L- arginine is the sole precursor of the neurotransmitter nitric oxide. This in turn makes for a widening of the blood vessels, thus improving potency and the ability to obtain an erection since blood is free to flow into the corpora cavernosa of the penis. Several subsequent scientific studies have confirmed this relationship. The action produced by arginine increases the effect of nitric oxideis and inhibits its degradation.

The human body is capable of producing the amino acid arginine. However, in many cases, the amounts produced by the body or ingested in food insufficient to have any real benefit for individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction. Arginine is considered an essential amino acid, which means obtaining it from other sources is necessary when there is a deficiency. This can occur by the regular consumption of certain foods, such as pumpkin, pine nuts, walnuts and peanuts. These foods contain relatively high amounts of arginine. In addition to treating impotence, this amino acid can also improve muscle growth and enhance male fertility.


The second most important amino acid for improved male potency is ornithine. However, their influence is more indirect nature than arginine. In fact, ornithine is one of the products from the action of arginine and is a central player in the urea cycle. Bodybuilders benefit from ornithine since it is intended to provide an enhanced secretion of growth hormones and a better blood flow to the muscles. It is also involved in the disposal of excess nitrogen from the body. It is found, for example, in protein supplements used by bodybuilders.


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