Masturbation Theory: The Unconscious Temptation

In the past (especially during Victorian times), the act of male masturbation was frowned upon. Conscientious citizens even invented so-called “anti-masturbation” devices that were anything but comfortable for the frustrated man or boy to wear. The act was thought of as sinful, dirty and the very proper term “uncouth”.

Thankfully, times have changed. We now live in an era that has allowed science to surpass superstition. Thus, we can shed a bit of light into this dark and even uncomfortable corner. If there were ever valid reasons to masturbate, the 21st century is indeed a great time to live.

All in your hand, or all in your head?

For centuries, it was thought that improper sexual arousal and the desire of a male to masturbate was the result of a poor upbringing, a lack of morals or even a mental condition.

However, do not all males (and females, for that matter) experience nocturnal arousal?

Modern theories have found that these dreams and responses actually occur during what is known as rapid-eye movement sleep (REM). This is the part of sleep where the body is completely paralysed so it will not physically act out a dream. So, why would the genitalia become aroused? How would this even be possible? These questions have led to the discovery that the impulses which cause masturbation are much deeper in the mind than we have ever thought possible.

Instinct in modern times

masturbation is hard wired into our brain because it improves male fertility

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As a rule of thumb, the deeper parts of the brain are those which have existed for the longest; millions of years in many cases. So, it seems that male masturbation has been rooted into our very beings long before we were even walking upright. What purpose would this form of self gratification serve? Millions of years ago, should we not have been running away from the rather hungry predator as opposed to thinking about that particularly fit cave woman?

The answer to this is directly related to the health of the sperm. The longer they remain idle (stuck in the fish tank, as it were), the more chances they will have to develop abnormalities. In turn, these defects would then be passed on to future generations.

The biomedical scientist named Dr. Roy Levine states that regular masturbation will help the body to replenish newer sperm, which will allow for higher fertility rates during intercourse.

Indeed, research in 2009 showed that one daily orgasm for one week (either through masturbation or sex) improves the overall quality of sperm on the 8th day compared to the traditional approach of three days abstinence1.

Ensuring survival of our species

Our urge to masturbate is therefore an evolutionary mechanism – a case of nature protecting itself. Masturbating on a regular basis is perhaps nature’s original way to embrace the concept of “out with the old and in with the new”.

What is interesting is that our minds take much longer to evolve than our civilisation. So, it could be said that the more basic levels of our brain are still stuck in the need to masturbate to procreate the species. This is quite convenient for the male who hopes to justify a behaviour that he may consider a bit “selfish”.

But what if you can’t do it?

The most frustrating thing in the world is when you want to masturbate, but can’t physically do it.

I used to be in this very situation.. and thankfully I managed to fix myself. Sharing the experience is one of the main reasons why I set up this blog.

If you suffer from a soft erection, even just once in a while, take it seriously, perhaps take the official impotence test here on my page and also have a think about what could be causing it.

Hopefully, I can inspire you to take action. You can be much happier, healthier and stronger – when and where it counts, everytime! 🙂



2 Responses

  1. david December 22, 2014 / 12:29 pm

    Wife “went off” sex in any form after double hip replacement so I am forced to take
    either another partner or resort to teenage practice. As I love my wife dearly I chose
    the latter.. we are now in our 80s and I am still very horny ( sleep separatly to avoid
    disturbing her) not very satisfying situation.(any suggestions)

    • Dave December 30, 2014 / 12:02 pm

      Dear David, I am pleased to hear that you still have plenty of juice in your veins & arteries. The testosterone, which is making you horny, will also keep your system young. I am sorry on the other hand to hear about your wife, and to tell you the truth the best I can offer you (certainly at your age) is a shot in the dark. I can relate though, because my ex went off sex after the traumatic birth (but ultimately successful – thankfully!) birth of our daughter. I researched ways to get her back into it and spoke with a psycho-sexual therapist (google this together with your area name), who said the way she works is by getting her to remember how wonderful her orgasms used to be. She would then use the pleasure of this memory to increase her sexual motivation. Makes total sense to me. Unfortunately we decided to separate before I could go about implementing the strategy and set up an appointment. Obviously it also means that you need to get your wife to come along.. I hope you can convince her that she is never too old for sex. Take a look at this, which I just googled for you: and my own 2 cents, which I wrote a while ago and is perhaps semi-applicable to you

      Good luck!


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