Living with Impotence

Impotence Affects Many Men

Impotence refers to a man’s inability to get an erection. It typically refers to men who have experienced erectile dysfunction for at least half a year where he is unable to obtain and maintain a sufficient erection or stiffening of the penis for sexual intercourse. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a widespread problem. In Germany alone, there are several million men with impotence issues, and the number is growing. Reliable figures are difficult to obtain because of the taboo nature of this condition.

Medically, impotence is formally known as erectile dysfunction. Impotence problems can include not only lasting erection problems (impotentia coeundi), but also the inability to reproduce (impotentia gene randi). In daily life, erectile dysfunction impacts on relationships, sexuality and self-image. This may ultimately lead to serious mental health problems and, therefore, it requires careful attention and in many cases treatment.

Impotence and Relationships

Persistent problems with impotence occur in many relationships. It poses a particular challenge when the condition impacts sexual aspects of a relationship. Unfortunately, impotence is often misinterpreted by a partner. Frequently, sexual disinterest or an affair is presumed to be the cause of impotence. Under these pressures, a relationship can break down.

Impotence and Sexuality

Erectile dysfunction places limits on sexuality. In many cases there is a real vicious circle. As a result of problems with a man’s potency problems, indivudals are put under even more pressure whether consciously or unconsciously that can make matters worse. Many times, impotence results of feelings of failure or fear of failure as a sexual partner. One can only escape from this cycle by seeing appropriate therapy.

Impotence and Self-Esteem

A man’s own sense of power often impacts self-image and self-esteem. Sexual potency is generally associated with masculinity. When a man is affected by impotence, this can be seen as a blemish to their virility. The more important sex is in a relationship or to a man’s self-image, the greater impact erectile dysfunction has on an individual.

Overcoming Impotence Problems

Being silent about erectile dysfunction is the wrong way of dealing with this sensitive issue. Individuals suffering with impotence should talk with their partner openly. Communication is essential in order to make a partner understand the actual cause or causes of impotence. Recognising the impact impotence has on sexuality and relationships is also important. Reducing pressure on a man suffering from erectile dysfunction is a crucial step in starting to improve performance in the longer term.

There are a number of ways to overcome impotence. Finding other forms of sexual activity where an erection plays as vital a role is one way. Sexual gratification and enjoyment can still take place with impotence. Reading appropriate books and visiting a sexologist for couples therapy is a great way to get advice. Consulting an urologist is also important. Branded potency enhancers can be used but often have side effects, safer alternatives include natural therapies with certain amino acids such as arginine and ornithine sense.


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