Personal Questions About My Potency Issues

1. Why do I publish my experience of erectile dysfunction on the web?

I get asked this question occasionally. I can tell you the answer in one sentence. I was affected by erectile dysfunction for a long time myself and want to help other men with the same issues. There are natural ways with no side effects to get a handle on erectile dysfunction successfully. Quite simply, this has given me my life back. I am keen to make a contribution and hope that every keen reader of my page also makes it. That is my motivation.


2. How did you get your potency problems under control?

The answer is on the home page. In summary, I discussed my erection problems with my wife and we ended up finding a solution together in a food supplement with an amino acid called Arginine in combination with pine bark extract. My potency problems used to be a regular part of me in the past and the emotional and physical relationship with my wife have massively benefited from sorting it out. It probably saved my marriage. Working through it with my wife has certainly brought us closer together.


3. What methods can you recommend?

Doctor’s note substances are known for their strong effects, but they also have strong side effects that have even led to death. Nowadays, there are very effective alternatives to the substances which have no negative side effects. A widely used and proven method is the supplementation of the amino acid Arginine together with pine bark extract.

Essentially, Arginine and pine bark extract increase your body’s natural ability to flood blood into your penis by increasing Nitric Oxide (NO) levels. The 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to the team, which discovered this mechanism.

On the other hand, Arginine works slower and softer. Because it is a food supplement, the improvement in the overall circulation and thus erection usually takes several weeks to take effect and then it is permanent. Arginine is especially effective when compared with pine bark extract, which was impressively demonstrated in a 2003 scientific research study and convinced me to try it.

Several of these natural food supplements are available, but only few have the effective dose of 3,000mg per day in combination with pine bark extract. A longtime winner and well known supplement is undoubtedly amitamin m forte, which also includes zinc and vitamin B to naturally enhance the cardiovascular enhancing effect further. IMHO, aminoexpert VIGARIN is also a good option. Best compare them yourself and make up your own mind.


4. Are there alternatives to chemical potency substances?

Fortunately, there is huge range of alternatives to the synthetic male potency ED substances. The most famous are probably the herbal sexual enhancers such as spanish fly, maca or yohimbine. If you try those you better believe in them and your luck, because there is no research data on their effectiveness on humans, dosages nor standardised production methods. That means it is actually dangerous to experiment with them. Also, these herbal sexual enhancers can have strong side effects. Spanish fly is actually a poison extracted from a beetle, which sensitises your urea tract by inflaming it!

The best and most effective alternative to the synthetic ED substances are the natural circulation (and therefore erection) enhancer  Arginine in combination with pine bark extract. Arginine is an amino acid and has been extremely well researched in hundreds if not thousands of studies. The team, which found out its usefulness to the human body was even awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. My logic was that you cannot argue against a Nobel Prize as a rubber stamp. Arginine’s effectiveness as a erectile enhancer and a huge amount of other metabolic processes is undisputed and it has no side effects. In the UK these dedicated Arginine supplements with a sufficient dose and pine park extract are few and far between. However, on the continent especially in Germany and Italy there are lots of natural supplements available for erectile function; “food supplements for special medical purposes”.

5. What are amino acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are often referred to as “building blocks of life” because proteins play a key role in almost all biological processes in the human body. Protein makes up about 20 percent in our bodies. Amino acids are essential to build all the proteins responsible for the growth and repair of tissue, such as skin, hair, muscles and bones. Proteins make up our skin, hair and muscle tissue and regulate the transportation of oxygen and all sorts of nutrients throughout our bodies. Last but not least, our immune system is made up of proteins. In terms of potency or in the curing of erectile dysfunction, the amino acid arginine plays a very prominent role.


6. How does the amino acid arginine treat potency?

Arginine is an amino acid, which is particularly important for cell structure, blood vessels and the immune system. In medicine, arginine has been used successfully in physical therapy for years among other things to treat erectile dysfunction. Arginine fulfills an very important role in the body. The body converts arginine into the very important neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO), which is a so-called vasodilator and relaxes the smooth vascular muscle around our arteries. Artieries are surrounded by muscle, because they have to carry pumped blood away from the heart to all the organs and tissues that need the oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood into the various parts of the body. The neurotransmitter NO is therefore essential to contract or relax to both change the volume of blood vessels and the local blood pressure.

This mechanism is responsible for the redistribution of the blood within the body to areas where it is needed (i.e. areas with temporarily enhanced oxygen consumption, or to initiate a mechanical response such as a penile erection). Put simply, the more Arginine and therefore NO is present in the body, the better the body’s ability to regulate blood flow! The amino acid arginine therefore acts as a natural sexual enhancer.

Very much simplified, arginine actually supports the production of NO and thus sustainably enhances male erectile function. The researchers, who discovered the importance of NO in the 70s and 80s, were awarded the Nobel Price for Medicine in 1998 and in 1992 NO was proclaimed “Molecule of the Year”.

7. How long did it take before the erection was stronger again?

The arginine supplement took about 4-5 weeks before I could feel a positive effect. Only then the body’s arginine storage has been filled so that sufficient nitric oxide is available for a continuous strong erection. The advantage that this effect is permanent. You will now be able to get a strong erection whenever you need it.


8. How long can you take amino acids?

Amino acids are completely natural components of the body so you can take them as long as you want to go the extra mile to support your health.

You only need to take them until your body is fully supplied with sufficient arginine to make as much NO as it can, and once the erectile dysfunction has subsided. Once you are able to achieve an erection, you do not need to take the amino acids any longer, unless you have made a habit of taking them and have become used to their benefits.


9. Are there any side effects to taking arginine and pine bark extract?

I have never experienced any negative side effects whatsoever. On the contrary, since I have been taking arginine and pine bark extract I believe I have more energy. This has improved my performance in sports and in business and made me more confident. The Arginine and pine bark extract combo has become my fountain of youth.


10. Can you order Arginine safely on the Internet?

This is a very difficult issue. With sexual enhancers, you must be extremely careful on the Internet, because there is a huge amount of counterfeiters. They have become so good you cannot distinguish them from the real deal. One good indicator is an exotic company addresses outside the EU. They promise you the world about how great their product is. Basically, you should rely on your gut feeling. Unfortunately, there is not a reputable supplier behind every sleek web site.

For natural erection enhancers, you need no doctor’s note because the ingredients are classified as food. You should pay attention to the key ingredients. The combination of pharmaceutical quality Arginine and pine bark extract (often combined with B vitamins) is known to have the best effect.

11. How do I recognize a reputable supplier of erectile function supplements?

Reputable providers will usually come from the Europe and not from Guatemala or Panama. A quick look at the imprint or site notice will tell you where the company is registered. In addition, reputable sellers are transparent. You should have no trouble seeing which ingredients are used in the product. A quick google search for the product and company will also give you a good idea of the reputation.


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