Potency Enhancers: Comparing Natural Potency Enhancers and Synthetic Potency Products

Seek and ye shall find

blue-pde5-PillsThe search for natural potency enhancers is as old as humanity itself. Therefore, so has impaired potency been recognized, as well, since time immemorial. This is not particularly comforting to us, but it may help to rectify our relationship with our own problem. Our advantage is that we live in modern times! We don’t need to eat buffalo testicles, go look for roots or do any other tedious chores in order to get at our erection problem.

The fundamental questions that always arises with issues of impotence is: What caused it and what could constitute a meaningful remedy? The first question may be clarified with a visit to the doctor. The answer to the second question is more complex.

The industry has matured tremendously over the past 15 years and numerous synthetic potency enhancers are being produced synthetically.

However, today we have an arsenal of anti-impotence substances, erection aids and herbal, mechanical or natural potency enhancers to choose from. Here are some criteria that could be helpful in your choice.

Branded, Synthetic Potency Enhancers

Pharmaceutical and synthetic potency enhancers are extremely effective on a temporary basis, but also have side effects. Interactions and contraindications for certain diseases have been observed.

be careful when buying potency enhancers online

Exercise caution when buying potency enhancers online

The first Synthetic Potency Enhancer was offered in 1998 for the first time – the famous blue pill. Larger quantities of generic versions soon followed. Erection problems seemed to belong to the past.

With the compounds came the patents for the first active agents that promised a quick remedy for impotence problems and they kept their promise. They can usually be obtained with a doctor note only for good reason. Because of potentially strong side-effects, the dosage must be carefully controlled by a doctor. Of course, generic versions can be obtained freely (and dangerously as you may be buying counterfeits) on the internet.

As impotence problems may, in fact, be signs of serious illness I strongly recommend never to purchase in this way.

Finally, it has to be said that they act quickly, but do not fix the underlying cause of impotence problems. They are available only through doctors – for good reason. They are costly, and have various side effects.

Dietary supplements that rely on a holistic approach

Green sprout from pillsNatural Potency Enhancers can be made from plants and mineral ingredients as well as vitamins and amino acids. The effect of including arginine or ornithine is particularly positive. One could often expect to find such active agents to the freely available over the counter as dietary supplements. Here the approach is more holistic and the effects can only be evaluated as they occur, only after a certain start time.

Natural potency enhancers like Arginine are useful for men who have already taken several medicines for diseases that have certain pre-existing conditions or who can’t tolerate medication.

For those who want to strengthen themselves as athletes or who are health conscious of the side effects of potency enhancers, this option is also well-suited, because of numerous holistic health effects. Another advantage is that natural sexual enhancers act not only against erectile dysfunction, but also against displeasure and early ejaculation.


Early studies concluded that a dose of 5,000mg per day of Arginine does not have a satisfactory effect on treating erectile dysfunction as only 31% of subjects reported improvement1.

However, when the Arginine was combined with 80mg of Pine Bark Extract per day, even a smaller dose of 1.7g Arginine per day effectively allowed 30 out of 40 (92.5%) of participating men to enjoy a normal erection again2

How Pine Bark Extract Boosts the Arginine Effect

Arginine reduces risk of strokes and heat attacks by helping to keep your arteries free of plague Pine bark extract (trademarked as Pycnogenol in the USA) is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and produced from the French Maritime Bark. It has been used for hundreds of years and effect proven in over 30 studies.

It’s main benefit on the cardiovascular system is that systemically improves Arginine’s effect on the cardio-vascular system – arteries are simply kept younger, more elastic and free of plaque.

Interestingly, while Arginine alone did not have significant benefits to the erection3, 2003 a key study found that an Arginine-pine bark extract combo effectively allowed 37 out of 40 (92.5%) of participating men to enjoy a normal erection again4.

To summarize, natural sexual enhancers are free of side effects, unless you happen to be allergic to any of their ingredients. The effects will only start to show after a certain lead time, but as soon as they do, they become exhaustive and permanent. The holistic aspect is emphasized. As such, prices vary.

Herbal medicines: no contraindications, yet with controversial effects

Pure herbal potency enhancers contain no vitamins or non-herbal supplements. Many base them on traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic Naturopathy. Herbal potency enhancers have no contraindications, but they do sometimes have side effects.

They can be taken for many years. Such enhancers can increase both potency (the strength of the erection) and increase sexual appetite. You are free to purchase anywhere you like.

The use of ingredients such as natural Ginseng or Maca root has been promoted for thousands of years. However, there is not a single scientific study, which conclusively demonstrates their positive effects on erectile dysfunction.

To sum up
  • Herbal potency enhancers could be proven to work in serious scientific studies.
  • Arginine-based amino acid potency enhancers indeed need longer before the full effect is realised, but they are freely available and pursue a holistic treatment approach with numerous health benefits. They are completely free of side effects. Prices vary.
  • 3g of Arginine consumed in tandem with 80mg of pine bark extract has been shown to fix 92% of erectile dysfunctions after three months


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