Alternatives to Chemical Sexual Enhancers

The reason why chemical sexual enhancers for erectile dysfunction are not always the first choice.

Chemical sexual enhancers have become a multi-billion dollar business. Substances of this type work by causing the blood vessels to dilate, which improves the erectile function of the penis. In the majority of men the effects take place quite rapidly resulting in the desired hardening of the penis. There are however significant side-effects and there have been cases where the interaction with other enhancers has threatened or even caused the deaths of a number of men. Therefore it is advisable to consider possible alternatives.

Herbal Sexual Enhancers – natural but often not free from side effects

Historically, plant based preparations were probably the first available treatments to increase or restore the erectile function of the penis. The indole alkaloid yohimbine, predominantly found in the bark of the yohimbe tree has been used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for some time. It allows blood vessels to expand by inhibiting certain receptors; but there have been a number of reported side effects. Occasionally it results in anxiety, headaches and insomnia; and rarely there have been reports of diarrhoea, vomiting, restlessness and dizziness.

Also native to South America, Maca plants, or the powder obtained from the roots, are sold as an aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, there are very few scientific studies on its effectiveness; and in addition, the very few studies were carried out with relatively few participants, which means the results are very subjective. There does however appear to be fewer adverse effects than with yohimbine, even though some users complained of diarrhoea.

Natural Sexual Enhancers – the gentle and effective alternative

Certain amino acids are suitable, especially as a natural agent, for the treatment of potency erectile dysfunction. L-arginine takes a prominent role here, which, as the sole precursor of nitric oxide, causes an expansion of the blood vessels, aiding erections to form. The scientists Robert Francis Furchgott, Ferid Murad and Louis Ignarro received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998 for their work on the relationship between nitric oxide and arginine.

There are several studies that show the effectiveness of arginine on erectile dysfunction. The contrast is that arginine has practically no side effects and no adverse reactions with other substances. However, the results of taking this natural substitute do not result in an immediate effect but provide a long term, gentler alternative.

In theory the human body can actually produce arginine, but the amounts are only very small and so an alternative supply is recommended due to the many other positive effects that this amino acid has. There are now a good number of effective sources available and experts have included arginine in the list of essential or partially essential amino acids, underlining their importance to the human body.

Mechanical Enhancements – Beware of long-term damage

The most significant mechanical aid that can produce an erection is a penis pump. This is a tube that is slipped over the male member while a pump creates a vacuum. This encourages blood to enter the penis and the erectile tissue, increasing the likelihood of an erection. The process can be complemented with the use of a penis ring which is used to extend the time that the member remains stiff.

It can be very difficult to integrate a penis pump into love making without losing the excitement. There is also the issue that penis pumps can cause permanent damage to blood vessels or even cause them to burst. When such damage is not discovered and treated it could lead to impotence, disfigurement of the penis or even thrombosis. For these reasons experts have been recommending for many years the avoidance of this mechanical aid.


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