Six Steps to Improve Your Potency


Make sure your current weakness is not a symptom or side effect

Before starting any therapy for your potency …

…it is advisable to see a doctor. This is because the erectile dysfunction – the correct medical term for impotence – could be caused by a large number of factors ranging from simple stress to excessive masturbation, but also potentially life-threatening cardiovascular diseases such as arterial hypertension or diabetes mellitus.

If the doctor concludes that the erection difficulties are NOT a symptom of a disease, a urologist or andrologist can determine whether impotence is due to the side effects of a substance.

The main substances in question are beta-blockers and antidepressants. If you are only using only temporarily it will eliminate the need for separate impotence treatment. If you are using them on an ongoing basis then specialist treatment options are available.


Minimise Internet Pornography

A recent field of study is the effect of internet pornography on male potency. The Coolidge Effect is a phenomenon, whereby males exhibit renewed sexual interest when it is exposed to a new available female sexual partner. The brain believes this is the case, when a man masturbates to a starlet in yet another pornographic video clip. Conversely, same partners in real life increasingly bore one another over time, potentially leading to erectile dysfunction – especially in young men.

The research has found that this effect is exacerbated by internet porn.

This video explores the various theories of the effect of internet pornography on male erectile potency.

High speed internet porn simulates access to an unlimited amount of perfect sexual partners to our brain. This will cause it to release excess dopamine, which overrides our natural satiation mechanism and cause us to binge. Fast food has the same effect on the brain. This effect was once an evolutionary advantage when food and mating partners were rare. Of course, this is not the  case any more.

Out of all online activities, internet pornography is therefore found the most addictive. A binge response is triggeredwhen excess dopamine is released frequently by regular consumption of internet porn. This is thought to cause “arousal addiction“, which can be easily mistaken for performance anxiety.

I therefore recommend to reduce the consumption of internet pornography to once per day or less. Men, who have given up regular masturbation to internet pornography have reported a significant improvement in life quality.



How Exercise improves Your Potency
  1. Better cardiovascular fitness improves your body’s ability to flood your penis with blood to cause an erection. Depending on your age you should walk for a minimum of 1h / day – or 8,000 steps if you have a pedometer – this will also keep osteoarthritis at bay. Better is regular low-impact aerobic exercise, ideally swimming (best for joints), running or rowing at least two to three times per week.
  2. Yet even more effective is lifting weights (consider the stronglifts 5×5 programme) or if you have no health issues practise HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for higher testosterone (“T”) levels. Higher levels of T improve overall health.

Better cardiovascular fitness prolongs your life and increases its quality. Higher T levels in men have numerous significant health benefits including a healthy cardiovascular system, more muscular strength, elevated confidence, sex drive and ultimately quality of life.

Females will recognise this in a man immediatly!


Avoid Aphrodisiacs

There is a number of natural aphrodisiacs considered helpful such as Maca, Yohimbine and Spanish Fly. These substances, however, have never been successfully scientifically studied on humans. Production and dosages are unresearched, not standardised and unregulated and therefore potentially dangerous. Experimenting with these substances is at your own risk.

Finally, you risk getting sexually aroused without physically being able to have an erection – a rather very frustrating state!


Practise 'Edging'

“Edging” means consciously stopping yourself to orgasm just as you are about to come. This technique will give you higher levels of conscious mind control over both your erection and orgasm.

It simply involves listening to your body and realising when you getting an erection or are about to orgasm.


The 'Edging' Method for Erection and Orgasm Control
  1. Notice how you are edging towards erection or orgasm.
  2. Then force yourself to think of something else – edge away from it. Ideally this should be something that disgusts you, and notice your sexual arousal subside.
  3. Then, conversely think of something that really turns you on. This should be your most exciting sexual memory.
  4. Notice your sexual arousal increase again.


Succeeding at this mind technique will give you better control over the semi-conscious processes erection and orgasm. Mastering this technique will allow you to last as long or little as you want.

This is in fact how male porn stars manage to last through a shoot to make their living! A great advantage is that you can also practice erection-edging in many places without people noticing.


Eat Clean

Our diet is often ignored, yet it is the most common cause and treatment option of erectile dysfunction.

Some amino acids have a scientifically proven potency enhancing effect. A particularly important role is played by Arginine (L-Arginine), which is the only precursor of the neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO).

NO regulates vascularity – the dilation of blood vessels, including the ones in your penis. Many studies have proven that Arginine is undisputedly helpful in solving impotence problems.

Vascular Erectile Dysfunction is the most common type of impotence and can be effectively treated with Arginine. Although the human body can produce Arginine itself, it often does so insufficient quantities.

Therefore, we are often dependent on excess supply of this important amino acid from our diet. Good sources of Arginine are pumpkins, pine nuts and walnuts. Patients who do not produce sufficient Arginine will find a dietary supplement useful.

With impotence problems, drinking small amounts of alcohol – equivalent to one glass of wine – can increase the likelihood of an erection before sexual intercourse, but over indulgence is counterproductive. Similarly, the excessive consumption of large quantities of fat and meat should be avoided.

Finally, you should be aware that each draw on a cigarette is reducing your potency.

A balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables provides a supply of vital substances, which will not only improve potency, but also generally promote health and personal well-being


Take Natural, no Side-Sffects Potency Supplements

Men who struggle to change their diet or are deficient, can simply take dietary supplements which contain significant amounts of the amino acids (Arginine and Ornitine) and vital nutrients (zinc, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12, Beatine).

Studies show that 3g of Arginine per day in combination with 80mg of Pine Bark Extract has a vastly positive effect on one’s erection. In a scientific, peer-reviewed study, 37 out of 40 (or 92.5%) men were effectively able to have normal erection again after three months after taking this nutrient combo on a daily basis1.

And this is also how I managed to overcome my potency issues.




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